Video Depositions

video_camIn addition to the written record, a video deposition is an important part of the litigation process. Video can bring the jury right into the scene of an accident or explain a complex process in minutes. Through the use of video, a jury can be swayed by the tone, reactions and emotions of a deponent, sometimes more effectively than a persuasive argument.
We understand the importance of the visual record and use professional grade equipment and tape stock in every deposition. We individually microphone and monitor the deponent, examining attorney and opposing counsel to ensure a clean audio record. CLVS offers all video formats including VHS, SVHS, VCD, DVD, DVCAM to meet your playback needs.

Media Conversions & Duplications

cds sandisk dv_videocassette dv_tapes

Streamlining media into a standardized format is an efficient way to duplicate and disseminate pre-trial information. We can transfer camcorder tapes to DVD and micro cassettes to CD so you can view client tapes without limits on in-house playback capabilities. There is no need to allow tapes, originally shot with older technology, to limit the quality of your presentation.

  • CD, VCD, DVD
  • VHS, SVHS, VHS-C videotape
  • Mini/Micro/Standard Audio Cassette
  • Hi8, 8mm, Digital8, MiniDV, DVCAM
  • Floppy Disk
  • Reel to Reel Film
  • Slides, Negatives
  • Smart Cards, Memory Sticks
  • Audio Formats: FTP Gold, AIFF, WAV, MP3
  • Video Formats: PAL, SECAM, NTSC

Our high-speed duplicator prints full-color professional graphics onto every CD/DVD. No more stick-on labels.

video_tape cassette

Editing & Presentation Services

finalcutAssembling key points of testimony for instant playback in trial can make your case. We can custom edit your audio and videotapes according to your specifications to make playback in court or the boardroom as easy as the touch of a button. CLVS offers a range of editing services to meet your presentation needs.

  • Day In The Life Videos
  • Arbitration Videos
  • Isolate video clips for trial playback
  • Audio Voice-Overs
  • laptopStill Photos from Video
  • Slowdown Surveillance Videos
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Photo Slideshow
  • MPEG1 Conversion for Sanction

Media Services

Our editing team can compensate for poor lighting conditions, low audio, color correct and even repair broken videotapes. Let technology assist you in new ways.

  • cd_bandaidAudio Enhancement
  • Photo Printing
  • Digital/Film Photography
  • Scanning Slides, Negatives
  • Dust/Scratch Removal
  • Tape Repair

Equipment Rentals

flatscreen CLVS offers a wide range of audio and video equipment for rent. Call us for your next trial, arbitration hearing, corporate meeting or training seminar.

  • TV Monitors: small 9” monitors to large 40” flat screens
  • Video Projectors & Screens
  • Document Cameras
  • DVD & VCD Players/Recorders
  • DVCAM & MiniDV Players/Recorders
  • Digital 8 & Hi-8 Players/Recorders
  • CD & MiniDisk Players/Recorders
  • Audio Cassette & Micro-Cassette Players/Recorders
  • Microphones: Lavalier & Table Mics
  • Speakers & Portable Sound Systems
  • Laptop Computers: PC & Mac
  • Wireless Mouse & Keyboard
  • Portable Video Conferencing Systems
  • Speakerphones

laptop projector betadeck dvdplayer

Going To Trial

courtroom We understand that going to trial is a stressful and often last minute time where presentation needs change by the hour. CLVS is responsive to your needs and makes your case top priority by personally setting up and supervising all courtroom setups, providing training on the use of equipment before trial, and satisfying the needs of Counsel, as well as the Court Clerks, Judge, and Jury.

Below is a sample Courtroom Setup wherein Counsel anticipates the need to playback excerpts from a video deposition, show documents and photos, play audio clips from a meeting and play a PowerPoint Presentation from a laptop.

Sample Courtroom Setup:
(First Circuit Court, State Hawaii)

1 9” monitor – for the Judge
1 40” monitor – for the Jury
1 Document camera – for displaying photos & documents
1 CD/DVD player – for playing audio clips & excerpts from a video deposition
1 Laptop Computer – for playing PowerPoint Presentations


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