Going To Trial

courtroom We understand that going to trial is a stressful and often last minute time where presentation needs change by the hour. CLVS is responsive to your needs and makes your case top priority by personally setting up and supervising all courtroom setups, providing training on the use of equipment before trial, and satisfying the needs of Counsel, as well as the Court Clerks, Judge, and Jury.

Below is a sample Courtroom Setup wherein Counsel anticipates the need to playback excerpts from a video deposition, show documents and photos, play audio clips from a meeting and play a PowerPoint Presentation from a laptop.

Sample Courtroom Setup:
(First Circuit Court, State Hawaii)

1 9” monitor – for the Judge
1 40” monitor – for the Jury
1 Document camera – for displaying photos & documents
1 CD/DVD player – for playing audio clips & excerpts from a video deposition
1 Laptop Computer – for playing PowerPoint Presentations

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