Editing & Presentation Services

finalcutAssembling key points of testimony for instant playback in trial can make your case. We can custom edit your audio and videotapes according to your specifications to make playback in court or the boardroom as easy as the touch of a button. CLVS offers a range of editing services to meet your presentation needs.

  • Day In The Life Videos
  • Arbitration Videos
  • Isolate video clips for trial playback
  • Audio Voice-Overs
  • laptopStill Photos from Video
  • Slowdown Surveillance Videos
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Photo Slideshow
  • MPEG1 Conversion for Sanction

Media Services

Our editing team can compensate for poor lighting conditions, low audio, color correct and even repair broken videotapes. Let technology assist you in new ways.

  • cd_bandaidAudio Enhancement
  • Photo Printing
  • Digital/Film Photography
  • Scanning Slides, Negatives
  • Dust/Scratch Removal
  • Tape Repair

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