Independent Medical Exams

medical_examAn Independent Medical Exam (IME) is a medical evaluation where an approved doctor conducts an examination on an individual(s) and reports his findings to court. Examinations include physical and psychological testing. Due to the sensitive nature of these proceedings, we offer audio-only recordings and closed circuit recordings where the videographer is located outside of the room during the examination.

Video Wills

video_will_seal Individuals who have property and wish to distribute it at the time of death, may choose to make a will. A Video Will, where the Will maker reads his/her Will out loud before a video camera, can help avoid a Will contest by showing that the Will maker was competent and followed proper signing requirements during its creation.

Site Surveys

Site surveys are an important tool for documenting damages to an individual, vehicle or building. It can bring the jury to the scene of an accident, which would be impossible to visit under normal circumstances. A site survey can capture structural damage within a home, an injury on the factory floor, or an accident on a highway. A site survey is a permanent video record used in:

  • sitesurveyProperty Damage Claims
  • Personal Injury Suits
  • Workers Comp
  • Settlement Brochures
  • Contract Compliance

In combination with Expert Testimony, the site video can often lay the foundation of a case. In addition, Pre- and Post-Construction Video Surveys offer contractors a visual record that can be maintained in case of future litigation and to meet government contract requirements.

Settlement Brochure

dvd_disks A Settlement Brochure is a comprehensive video summary of evidence and testimony relating to a case. It can include expert and family interviews, medical evaluations, a description of client injuries and treatment, detailed breakdowns of medical costs and wage loss, as well as future financial and family impacts.

CLVS has produced dozens of settlement brochures and we understand that each case is unique. The Settlement Brochure is prepared with a mix of voice-overs, background music, video clips and photos, and is utilized by insurance companies and attorneys in personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death suits. It is often used to vividly communicate that you are prepared to go to trial. Should the case go to trial, the Settlement Brochure can become the foundation of the Day In The Life video which is shown to the jury.

Day In The Life Videos

dayinthelife A powerful tool in accident-malpractice suits is the Day In The Life Video. Combined with interviews, hospital care, and before and after footage, a Day In The Life Video can express the pain, desperation and tremendous loss of a life ruined by an unfortunate accident. No matter how artfully expressed, no argument can impact a jury more than seeing the day-to-day reality of life in a disabled condition.

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